Application Integration Development Services

  • Microservices
  • Java and J2EE
  • Message Oriented Middleware
  • API Gateways

Microservices Consulting

Microservices architecture is a game-changer, offering scalability and flexibility. Our Microservices consulting services include: Microservices architecture is a game-changer, offering scalability and flexibility. Our Microservices consulting services include:
  • Architecture Design: Expert guidance in designing and implementing Microservices architecture for your applications.
  • Migration Strategies: Assistance in migrating monolithic applications to Microservices for better agility.
  • Scalability and Resilience: Building scalable, fault-tolerant Microservices solutions to meet changing demands.
  • Containerization and Orchestration: Utilizing containers and orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes for efficient deployment.


  • Agile and scalable systems.
  • Improved developer productivity.
  • Enhanced system resilience.
  • Cost-effective resource management.

Java and J2EE Consulting

Java and J2EE form the backbone of software development in many projects, providing robust, scalable, and platform-independent solutions. Our team of experts offers the following services:
  • Custom Application Development: Tailored Java and J2EE application development to meet your specific business needs.
  • Migration and Modernization: Seamlessly upgrade legacy systems to leverage the latest Java technologies.
  • Performance Optimization: Enhance the performance and scalability of your Java applications for improved efficiency.
  • Architecture and Design: Design scalable, high-performing, and secure Java-based systems.


  • Robust and reliable solutions.
  • Improved system performance.
  • Platform independence.
  • Reduced development time and cost.

Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) Consulting

Message Oriented Middleware is critical for real-time data exchange and application integration. Our consulting services cover:
  • MOM Platform Selection: Assistance in choosing the right MOM solution for your needs.
  • Architecture and Integration: Design and implement effective MOM solutions for seamless data exchange.
  • Performance Enhancement: Optimize the performance of your existing MOM system.
  • Scalability and Reliability: Ensure your MOM solution can handle growing data volumes and maintain high availability.


  • Real-time data exchange.
  • Streamlined application integration.
  • Improved system reliability.
  • Scalable solutions for future growth.

API Gateways Consulting

API Gateways are critical for securing and managing the flow of data. Our consulting services encompass:
  • Gateway Selection: Assistance in selecting the right API gateway solution for your specific needs.
  • Security Implementation: Implementing robust security measures to protect your APIs and data.
  • API Management: Managing and monitoring APIs to ensure they perform optimally.
  • Scalability and Load Balancing: Ensuring your API gateway can handle increasing traffic and distribute loads effectively.


  • Secure data transmission.
  • Efficient API management.
  • Scalable and high-performing APIs.